Additional melody is not played well :(


Dear support team:

I found a bug about the playing an melody in the song.
Let me explain the situation of this problem(refer the following pictures).

I was making a song including two melodies with different instruments for each others: one for the acoustic guitar and the other one is acoustic grand. And the guitar melody is the default melody part(i.e the melody basically provided which is accompanied by the basic style and drumset when a new song-making process is initiated), on the other hand the grand piano melody(which is marked with blue and tagged with “vocal_line” in the left picture) is an additional melody during I was making the song.

The problem is that the notes of the additional melody are not played as their entire duration. I mean that each notes in this melody has duration of at least 1/2 bar(refer the right picture), but they are played very shortly like staccato sounds. No one of the other instrument parts has this problem. Just only for this grand piano melody…

The interest thing is that, in the edit mode(i.e the mode in the right picture) of this melody, notes are played very well as their own full duration. But when I finish the editing and close the “Mixer” menu, and then play the song in the main menu(i.e song editor), the problem I mentioned starts.(This explanation is about the problem in the Android app. In case of the web site through the PC, the problem of the shortly-played notes(i.e staccato sounds) also doesn’t occurs in the edit modes(both “Styles & Drumsets” editing tab and the main editing section(song editor)). But when I click the “SAVE” button and back to the main menu, the problem starts.)

In addition, the grand piano melody that I mentioned has another problem that the volume of this melody is too outstanding(large) among the other instrument parts. This problem also doesn’t appears during the editing, but when I back to the main menu(In the web site case, saving the song and playing in the main menu) the volume of this melody is enlarged(That’s why I set this melody’s volume only very small: refer the left picture please.).

Here I attached my song’s URL in order to help you checking and debuging the problems:

Please tell me a solution if it is not a kind of bug.
I’m waiting for your response :slight_smile:



p.s) I just found that there is no problems like this in the iOS app. I think that the MIDI playing module of the web and the Android app might have some trouble…


Thanks for the detailed bug report! We will investigate and get back to you with a fix. iOS/Android and Web have the absolutely different implementation. Web application is quite limited due to technical restrictions.


The issue was fixed and update for Android should be available in next couple hours. The Songtive Web was also fixed. Just resave a Song and Songtive should regenerate correct audio.

Thank you for your detailed report which helped a lot to diagnose and identify the error!

BTW: Pretty nice melody! Remembered it while fixing the issue :slight_smile:


Oh thank you! Now I can hear my song with the correct sound that I wanted. I’m glad to hear that the song sounded good to you :slight_smile:
I appreciate your quick and correct bug patch, and I was happy to contribute to the improvement of Songtive.
I hope this nice app becomes better and better so that much more people use Songtive to write a lot of good musics.