[Bug][Android] Circle of fifth text all over the place


When I click on the circle of fifths everything is ok except for the circle itself. Keys are fine it’s the chord numbers that are out of their space.

When selecting some root key they seem to be fine though, most aren’t.


Thanks for feedback! Could you send screenshot? I’m not sure that I understand where the problem is.


Tested both on my phone and tablet

Edit: only root key C# and A# display the text correctly every other root key makes the text be all scaled up


That’s interesting! What Android version and phone is it? I’ve just tried to check it on different phones and couldn’t reproduce it.


Phone is Samsung A20e - Android 9
Tablet is Samsung SM-T810 - Android 7

There are a few more things I found not working well but will make a different post on that ( or I should directly email you guys?). No idea how it’s on other devices.

Also the only C# and A# working isn’t true, it’s random which keys are correct and which aren’t.


Great! I’ll try to reproduce it with Samsung devices. Feel free to mail me if you have any other issues: support@songtive.com


Can you please check the latest update? I think we nailed it down.