Embeding an html tag of a song: auto-starting or auto-replaying options available?



I want to embed the html tag of my song(which is generated by “<>” button) into an web page, but there is no auto-start or auto-replay options in the basic form:

            <iframe width="420" height="215" src="//www.songtive.com/songs/2Cn/mysong?mini=1" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

Is there any option for auto-start or auto-replay? It seems to be possible by adding some parameters and values into the ‘src’ attribute, I think… (e.g: src="//www.songtive.com/songs/2Cn/mysong?mini=1&autoplay=1&loop=1")

Please let me know if there is anyone who know the answer.



It’s great idea - we will investigate and implement it with the next update in next couple days.




Thanks for your quick feedback.

Good luck for the development team! :slight_smile:


Happy to announce that this feature was implemented. Feel free to embed your song as shown over here:


Let me know if you find any other missing features.


Cool!! It works perfectly as I thought about!
Thank you very much. have a nice day!!


Great, glad to hear that!