I would like to talk with an administrator


Hello. I already posted something a long time ago there about remix but nothing changed so, idk if you gave up on songtive progress but we never know, I have a problem
I asked someone to delete his remix because he just used it to repost and steal my work, plus it was something I made for someone who announce his death. and now he deleted all my credits on the remix and bully me like insulting me on the comment and saying my work is bad
So if you could do something about that I would really need it…
the bully is username is veyron.dress (With a fnaf picture profile)



Thanks for contacting me!

Regarding remixed songs - every remixed song has a marker that it was “inspired by [original song]” and everybody could see who was the original author just by tapping it. I’ve just reviewed his remix and it contains lots of new chords - the new algorithm wouldn’t detect this song as it is not remix. The remixes feature is one of the main driver of the app that everybody could “reshape” song how he/shee sees it.

BTW: I heard your song and it’s amazing so I wouldn’t take his words so seriously. :innocent:



But that guy keep harassing me… it looks like he’s having fun to do that and without songtive I have no more software to make music


Oh, I see. Can you please send me screenshot with that? support@songtive.com