Lets get this app better


Hi, new user.

I am used to Yamaha’s partner product Flowkey, the ChordieApp is a staple, the sophisticated Melodics, Skoove, online and iPad Hook Theory apps, programs and web pages.

This PianoCompanion app has potential but also has weirdness and gaps.

Good things about this app:

Hasn’t crashed on me yet - Apple Silicon, Big Sur, latest updates.

Price good (but needs a help file for the money)

Full screen is great (except I still need to see my ChordieApp so I can’t use it in full screen)

Seems very helpful in many ways and I have not come across another product as good.

I am using the best of the bunch which unfortunately has some weirdness.

I want to use this app long term though so really hope the developers are active.

Biggest thing for me is having to continue running the ChordieApp beside your app to get confirmation of the chord selected on my keyboard. Since your app detects MIDI I don’t see the rationale for the app not displaying the current chord being played on the connected keyboard. Why can’t this chord play be a permanent display, not a fleeting temporary display whilst the search engine looks for chords. It would eliminate my need for ChordieApp (which displays the chord name) and make your app far more user friendly. Cramming your app and Chordie side by side uses all of my screen real estate and it’s clunky. There is a genuine need to confirm the correct chord has been selected on the keyboard after referencing that same chord from your app.

Other things that seem weird and underdone:

  1. some windows you click on the coloured chord keyboards and the chord plays the audio, other windows the same coloured keyboard icon appears but does not play the chord audio. As your app can play the chord when the coloured keyboard is clicked it is not much of a stretch to make this feature universal throughout the various windows. It is irritating to have to switch windows to find the one where the chords play, they should all play.

  2. Where is the help file? there is none. I can’t be the only person who does not understand some of what this app presents on various screens and there is no way to find out.

  3. The favourites don’t work, I click the star. Favourites is ticked and nothing turns up in the favourites section.

  4. The “by keys” tab is always hidden under the “by name” tab. And the “by name” tab has 10,000 friggin chord choices on display. Making it so busy and user unfriendly to find anything, I immediately go to the “by keys” tab, breath a sigh of relief at it’s calm blankness and go ahead and play my keyboard to get a more reasonable small number of options to choose from. Why cannot this more user friendly “by keys” tab be able to be toggled in an options setting to be first and foremost, with the "10,000 choices “by name” tab relegated to secondary importance as it is so cluttered I find it impossible to find anything in that list, especially as it mixes beginner, intermediate and advanced chords together.

  5. Whats the magnifier icon for? It’s everywhere but it does nothing!

  6. Your app has vertical windows with scroll bars, yet the scroll wheel is disabled, meaning a clunky mouse drag instead of a simple wheel scroll to see further down the page. Ironically I’m scrolling by wheel down this forum post.

  7. the finger number circles over the keys in red, purple, dark green and green. There needs to be either a help file explaining or a legend in the app for these colour codes. I have no idea what these colours mean. Clearly they are an important core thing to know, but at the moment not much clue.

  8. in Chord Progression window, when one Chord is already highlighted, it takes four or five clicks of the mouse on another chord before the highlight focus is enticed to let go of the first chord and focus on the new chord. This click, click, click is a pain. I have a super fast computer so what gives? Surely it’s not Rosetta 2’s rewrite that’s causing this lag.

  9. The fast attack, compressed audio sounds played for piano chords are pretty jarring, especially after playing a dozen or so chords back to back. There is no way to soften this harshness in the settings. To use this app for an hour or more is hard on the ears. It’s not the volume it’s the timbre.

  10. The chords which the search engine suggests when you play notes on the keyboard, unless the midi is toggled to off manually after the suggestions are displayed, they instantly disappear. This is unhelpful. If there was a way to set them to remain visible and scrollable until another key is pressed on the keyboard, the chord knowledge visible there, which is all the chords using the keys pressed is actually a good thing to be able to see frozen for a while.

  11. What’s that little square with the two smaller squares in it do on the Chord Progression page. You can drag it about then it pops back to home. It does nothing!

  12. Whats the plus icon top right on same tab do? It does nothing but refresh the right hand pane unchanged.



Thanks for your great feedback! We will put them into our todo list. Some of them are already in progress - stay tuned for more updates!