Multiple instruments: Ukulele, Bass, Mandolin, etc


Are you interested in chords for different instruments such as: Ukulele, Mandolin, Bass, etc.

  • Yes, I need it.
  • No

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It would also be nice to have 7 and 8 string guitars available.


This feature is on our todo list. We already implemented custom tunings and custom instruments are next:


Wow quick response. I didn’t expect that from an 8 month old thread but thought it was worth a shot. Great tool you have here. I heard about and came specifically for the chords in custom tunings. I look forward to using the 7 string guitar when available.


Yeah, thanks! Actually we were waiting for enough votes for that feature and today we are happy to introduce the beta version. Let me know guys what you think!


Wow this is great and my tuning is already there! Thank you so much. This will be super useful to me.