Piano Companion (Android) and MIDI


Hi, I am trying Piano Companion for android and the description on Google Play says you can use a MIDI keyboard/Piano for input when doing reverse mode lookup. However this does not seem to work for me. I have another App that works with MIDI on my tablet so it would seem that everything is okay as far as tablet to piano goes. Is there an app setting to enable MIDI or is it not meant to wok on Android ?
Any help much appreciated.



You can open up “Chord Dictionary” then tam “By Keys” mode. If you have a connected MIDI keyboard then each key should be recognized by that. Sometimes you have to reconnect the MIDI keyboard to be recognized.



Hi, yes that’s what I had been doing. I have tried again and reconnected the MIDI piano several times but its still not working.
As I said a couple of other apps that use midi input work okay.
Any other thoughts? Do you need any info on my tablet etc?


Some more information that might help. I tried the app on my wife’s tablet and that works with the midi piano connected.
Tablets are:
(Wife’s tablet) Works with MIDI - Tablet Samsung SM-T280 android 5.1.1
(My tablet) Does not work with MIDI - Tablet Samsung SM-T580 android 8.1.0
Piano companion on both is 6.55.325

On the my wife’s tablet I get a message as soon as I plug in the midi keyboard asking me to allow the app to access the USB device , I don’t get that on My tablet. I do get that prompt when I use the other midi app I have that does work on my tablet.

Dont know if that helps at all


Thanks for the detailed information! Have you tried to restart the tablet?
I’ll try to investigate more closely, though I don’t have the same model as you described.



We’ve found A8.1 device (though it wasn’t Samsung) but I’m afraid couldn’t reproduce the issue. The MIDI works perfectly with that device. I’m afraid we can’t do anything with that version. Is it possible to upgrade it to the latest Android version? At least we will be able to reproduce the config.