Piano Companion on Mac


Bought the app because I love the pro version on my phone. Just bought it for mac, is there any chance that I can see some funcionality of the mobile phone versions, on the mac osx app in the future? Chord progression for example.




Hi Matthijs,

We are gathering user feedback to see what are the most important features for them. The Chord Progressions is going to be added in the next updates too. Any other crucial features?



Great to hear that! Thnx for the rapid response. I’ll use the app thru this weekend. Letting you know which functions I would like to see in the osx app. Thnx again!




First of all. What joyful news when I read this on the iPhone that this software is now available for the Mac!!! Of course I bought them immediately.
I also have a wish and a feedback for you.

Graphically, I don’t like the circle of fifths at all. Can’t you create it in a similar way to this one: https://felttip.com/5ths-Opus1/
This one is not so overloaded in colour, you can see the scales (with roman numerals) and it looks clean. That would be my only wish at the moment.

Many thanks and best regards


Hi! Yeah, we have plans for redesigning it and we are going to add more advanced features. Stay tuned!


Have you seen our latest update for iOS? We improved Circle of Fifths significantly by adding scale/chord mode, changed colouring and lots more.