Small bugs, one suggestion


Hi! Just bought the lifetime version, I like this a lot. A couple of minor things I’ve noticed:

  1. On the settings screen, the Language section doesn’t actually show the active language, it just says language again. I’d also consider adding text that suggests leaving the settings screen to show changes.

  2. Still on settings, the Sar Position field should be inactive if it’s not being used.

A minor request: add a setting to disable playing the scale every time a change is made in the Circle of Fifths. Example: I have C Major, but want to select E Major. I don’t want to hear the E scale (or any other scale) if I change them. Maybe add a small if-then check (global variable from settings) before it happens, or do a bool, what ever would be easier. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s been forever since I’ve done Android app stuff, but I think you could even add it right on the Circle page itself, since you’re never destroying the main activity itself when changing the circle. Since you already have checkboxes on the page, maybe add one near the top that is checked by default (scales played) and we can uncheck it when we don’t want the scale to play. Just a thought.

Really nice work on this, it will get a ton of use from me. Thanks!



Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear that you found the app useful.

I’ve added items #1, #2 and play scale in our todo list. Feel free to contact me, if you have any other ideas.



Could you please check the latest update? All suggestions should be implemented. :partying_face:


Wow, excellent work! The Do Not Play Scales option works perfectly, very cool to be able to fly around the Circle and play the different chords that show without the scale interrupting. HUGE THANKS. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nice job on the other settings items as well!


Awesome, glad to hear that!