The sound of an exported mp3 file is different from one played on app


Dear Support team.

I exported an mp3 file of one of my songs from Android app, and the sound of that file is different from the sound played on Songtive app :disappointed:

Let me explain the specific; In my song the guitar solo part has the highest volume(twice as louder as the acoustic piano style part) and It is played well in the Songtive app and PC web as that volume balance. On the other hand, when I had exported that song into an mp3 file with the Songtive Android app and play it, the guitar sound shrank so timidly that I can barely hear the guitar solo because it was buried by other sounds in the song such as piano, cello, etc.

It’s the first time that the volume of an instrument part sounds different from app(or web) and exported mp3 file. I have used to export other songs into mp3 files so far but the sounds of those files are always played normally as same as the sounds played in the app or web.

Is that a sort of bug? Or can I adjust the volume balance of each instrument parts with the file exportation setting(if there was a menu or a feature like that)?
I attached the URL of my song I mentioned above:



Thanks for feedback! Looks like a bug - we will review it and get back to you. If you export it as MIDI file - does it sound correctly?


Thanks for your reply. And I’m afraid I cannot check the issue by exporting MIDI file because I’m using the free plan of Songtive.