Transposing instrument


Hello, is it possible (I didn’t find it so this may be a feature suggestion) to have an option for transposing the sounds? I.e. have a written C chord be played as a Bb. This would be really a must for transposing instrument players using this app.





Could you please explain it? Did you mean that we can specify that each C should be replaced with Bb and in that case C Major will be Bb-E-G instead of C-E-G?



No, in that case all notes should play 2 half-tones lower.

To recapitulate:

When I see a “C” written for Bb clarinet, I know it will sound like a Bb on the piano, the E sounds like D and the G sounds like F. If I play a (written) C major arpeggio it will sound like Bb-D-F, which is of course Bb major.

Ideally the transposition should be parametrizable, for other instruments such as the Eb clarinet or the A clarinet (not to mention the French horn, which I believe can choose between two different transpositions on the same instrument).




Hi! Thanks for explanation - we think to include that feature for our upcoming updates. Just one question - is it related to sound only or it should be displayed on chord notes too?